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Jean Baird family
Betty Brewer family
Jim Brooks
Ronnie Coble family
Brian Culberson
Sylvia & Andy Culberson
Jeff Edwards
Greyson Elkins
Tommy Fuller
Elaine Gaines
Vangie Gann family
Joyce Gunter
Carol Seals Harris family
Matthew Hinson
Steve Hughes
Brian Ireland family
Billy Johnson
Evan Johnson
Linny Johnson
Travis Kidd family
Faye Kimball family
Delette Moody
Rudy Mullis family
John Pickett
Hurlene Pike family
Mac Pugh
Jan Scott family
Mary Florence Stout
Donald Lee Thomas
Walt Wallace family
Daimon Whitehead family
Diane Wright

Every effort is made to ensure that no one is included on this public prayer list without consent. If you see anyone listed who should not be — or if you find an error or misspelling — please contact us by clicking here.

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Jeremy Barbour
William Beavers
Roger Brady
Connie Bray
Jimmy Bryant
Bill & Trudy Cook
Mark Culberson
Jeanette Debnam
Aris Dixon
Bob Dowd
Lois Early
Al Fogleman
Jack Formy-Duval
Charles Gunter
Robert Hauck
Kenneth Johnson
Shirley Jolly
Greg Jourdan
Irvin Kettrey
Barbara Kiser
Faye Kimball
Renee Lefler
Judy Llewellyn
Randy Llewellyn
Beth Luck
Abbey Martin
Barry Newlin
Tom Pearson
Danny Raby
Phil Russell
Todd Russell
Phil Senter
Jim Sizemore
Leon Smith
Walter Turner
Lou Walker
Brandy Yarborough