Prayer List


recent additions

Dawn Allred
Eva Beal
Claude Brewer
Ron Boggs
Bill Brooks
Chris Brower
Ethel Buckner
Jake Burrows
Ellen Carver
Lindsay Cassara
Jason Collins
Sylvia Culberson
Lois Early
Jeff Edwards
Barbara Everett
Jack Ferguson
Wanna Fields family
Ruth Fields
Wayne Fogleman
Jack Formy-Duval
Ricky Fuquay
August Gilliland
Chelsea Gaudette
Augusta Gildon
Joyce Gunter
Robert Hauck
Andrew Hall
Margaret Hough
Greg Jourdan
Faye Kimball
Betty Lambert family
Beth Luck
Nick Lynch
Kenneth Moody
Pam Moody family
Olene Moon
Wendy Mosteller
Barry Newlin
Jane Noble
Steve Palmer
Pat Perry
Walt Peterman
Lewis Phillips family
Hurlene Pike
David Seagroves
Zach Smith
Frances Spivey
Janette Teague family
Doris Clapp Thomas
Dan Vestal
Beau Walters family
Willis Wrenn

continue to remember

William Beavers
Jean Brady
Mark Culberson
Red Dunlap
Spencer Fletcher
Mike George
Geraldine Kirk
Barbara Kiser
Trudy Jones
Rene Lefler
Vange Lutfy
Bobby Moody
Ross Moore
Skipper Moore
Shawn Murray
David Phillips
Corey O’Dell
Rylee Page

Jim Shaw
Leon Smith
Trey Stout
Ruth Thompson
Walter Turner
Lou Walker
Amy Wallace
Damon Whitehead
Zeke Zimmerman 

Every effort is made to ensure that no one is included on this public prayer list without consent. If you see anyone listed who should not be — or if you find an error or misspelling — please contact us by clicking here.