Prayer List


recent additions

Mary Andrews
Helen Beavers
William Beavers
Ethel Buckner
Ann Clark
Barbara Clark
Rachel Clark
Jason Collins
Archie Culberson
Audrey Culberson
Glen Culberson
Lois Early
Jack Formy-Duval
Tucker Grimes
Joyce Gunter
Wendell Hines
Wally Hines
Hobert Isley
Keith Johnson
Greg Jourdan
Geraldine Kirk
Mike Kotoris
Beth Luck
Vange Lutfy
Kenneth Moody
Luke Moody family
Michael Moore
Ross Moore
Michelle Morrell
Gary Nunn
Luanne Oestrich family
David Phillips
Shugg Phillips
Carolyn Roberts
Otis Saunders
Byron Sellers
Jim and Judy Shaw
Joe Smith family
Max Smith
Danny Street
Rick Switzer
Alice Sue Teague
Darlene Teague
Damon Whitehead
Tatenda Yameke
Sylvia York

continue to remember

Jack Brooks
Spencer Fletcher
Mike George
Florence Gordon
Austin Harris
Joel Jacob
Barbara Kiser
Trudy Jones
Rene Lefler
Barbara Moffitt
Rochelle Moon
Tyler Overman
Leon Smith
Walter Turner
Lou Walker
Amy Wallace
Ann Wright


Every effort is made to ensure that no one is included on this public prayer list without consent. If you see anyone listed who should not be — or if you find an error or misspelling — please contact us by clicking here.