Prayer List


recent additions

Nancy Allen family
Dawn Allred
Mary Andrews
George Atlaw
Darrell Bare family
Ron Boggs
Roger Brady
Connie Bray
Peggy Brewer
Jake Burrows
Mitchell Cade
Ellen Carver
Josh Conrad
Jimmy “Pig” Culberson
Henry Davis
Jeanette Debnam
Keith Dorsett
Terry Ellington
Larry Ferguson
Ruth Fields
Billy Fitts
Wayne Fogleman family
Ricky Fuquay
Chelsea Gaudette
Sherry Grant
Joyce Gunter
Wendell Hines
Mack Holt
Jeff Jones family
Carman Jordan family
Irvin Kettrey
Tammy Kidd
Geraldine Kirk
Renee Lefler
Randy Llewyllen
Beth Luck
Nick Lynch
Larry Matthews
Kelley Moody
Kenny Moody
Jeff Morgan
Belinda Murray
Barry Newlin
Rusty & Corey O’Dell
Jesse Rachel family
Jenn Rennie
Todd Russell
Tommy Scarlette
Colleen Sykes
Barbara Teague
Anniston Tinnin
Richard Walton
Ronnie White
Dickie Wright
Keith Young

continue to remember

Eva Beal
William Beavers
Jason Collins
Kenny Cranford
Red Dunlap
Lois Early
Jeff Edwards
Jack Formy-Duval
Robert Hauck
Andrew Hall
Margaret Hough
Greg Jourdan
Barbara Kiser
Faye Kimball
Skipper Moore
Wendy Mosteller
Hurlene Pike
Leon Smith
Frances Spivey
Walter Turner
Lou Walker
Amy Wallace
Damon Whitehead
Ben Wiseman
Zeke Zimmerman

Every effort is made to ensure that no one is included on this public prayer list without consent. If you see anyone listed who should not be — or if you find an error or misspelling — please contact us by clicking here.