SHOULD I JOIn the church?

We welcome everyone to attend and participate in services at Rocky River, and encourage everyone who has visited and feels comfortable participating and serving God here to join us in official membership. Though we welcome anyone to attend, only members may serve by holding office, teaching adult Sunday School or being appointed as deacons. While some may not have desire to participate in these capacities, we do believe that joining the church is still an important Christian commitment to make.

HOW DO I JOIn the church?

The best way to start this process is to have a conversation with the pastor. The pastor does not make membership decisions for the church, but will guide you through the process. Requirements for membership are:

    1. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.
    2. Committing yourself to serve Christ through this congregation.
    3. Being baptized as a believer by immersion.


Our tradition requires members to be baptized by immersion — being totally covered in water — after they have become believers, a pattern followed in the New Testament. If you have been baptized in this manner at another church, you do not need to be rebaptized, even if the other church is not Baptist. If you have not, we require that you be baptized in this manner. This is not intended to suggest that baptism received as an infant is meaningless or insignificant, only that baptism as a believer, by immersion, has a different symbolic meaning than infant baptism, and this symbolism is an important part of the Baptist tradition.

Must I be member of Rocky River or another Baptist church to receive communion here?

We welcome anyone who has accepted Christ as Savior and Lord to join us in receiving communion, no matter what denomination they prefer. Because we believe communion is reserved for believers, however, we do not offer communion to children who have not made a personal profession of faith.